Each of the District’s five Board Members serve four-year, over-lapping terms: every two years either three members or two members are elected to the Board. All Board Members are term limited and can only serve two consecutive four-year terms.  A partial term outside of the regular election cycle does not count towards the term limits.

2025 is an Election Year

The May 6, 2025 election is for 3 Directors to serve 4-year terms and 1 Director to serve a 2 year term.

Self-nomination forms to be a candidate for the district board should be returned to the Designated Election Official by email to info@mcbwsd.com, dropped off at 100 Gothic with advance notice (our office is currently closed to the public except by advanced appointment) or mailed to the District PO Box.  Self-nomination forms for the next regular election must be received by the DEO by: 

Contact 970-349-7575 or info@mcbwsd.com with questions or requests for physical mailing of Self-nomination forms.