Each of the District’s five Board Members serve four-year, over-lapping terms: every two years either three members or two members are elected to the Board. All Board Members are term limited and can only serve two consecutive four-year terms.
(Note: The 2020 and 2022 elections were for three-year terms to meet the Colorado mandated shift to odd-year elections for the District. These transition terms do count as a full terms for term limit restrictions).

2023 is an Election Year

The May 2, 2023 election is for 2 Directors to serve 4-year terms.

2023 Call For Nominations Legal Notice

Self-nomination forms to be a candidate for the district board should be returned to the Designated Election Official by email to info@mcbwsd.com, dropped off at 100 Gothic with advance notice (our office is currently closed to the public except by advanced appointment) or mailed to the District PO Box.  Self-nomination forms for the next regular election must be received by the DEO by:    February 16, 2023, no later than 5:00pm. Please allow for US Mail delays if choosing that delivery method for self-nomination forms.

Contact 970-349-7575 or info@mcbwsd.com with questions or requests for physical mailing of Self-nomination forms.

District election results will be posted here after certification and the close of the District Board of Directors Regular Board Meeting on May 10, 2022. After that date, certified results will also be available on the Secretary of State website:
Secretary of State website