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MCBWSD/MLPC Settlement Agreement
On April 4, 2023, the Mt. Crested Butte Water and Sanitation District (the “District”) and Meridian Lake Park Corporation (“MLPC”) entered into a Settlement Agreement resolving disagreements over an almost thirty-year old memorandum of understanding between them (the “MOA”).  Inconsistent administration and differing interpretations of this MOA over the years had led to confusion between the parties and uncertainty over the extent of financial obligations owed from MLPC to the District.  The Meridian Lake Park Subdivision (“MLP”) is located within the boundaries of the District, and the parties agreed that its residents should ultimately be treated just like other residents of the District.  Accordingly, the parties agreed to terminate the old MOA, sunset the monthly surcharge within MLP of $36.27 in six years, and release all other claims they may have against one another.  The District will continue to be fully responsible for treating MLP’s water and wastewater and operating and maintaining all public water and wastewater infrastructure within MLP, including Meridian Lake Park Reservoir No. 1 and the MLP water treatment plant.  The agreement also gives the District the right to integrate the water supplies and infrastructure serving MLP with the rest of the District’s systems resulting in improved water supply security for the entire District.  The District and MLPC look forward to working together on the continued delivery of high-quality water and wastewater services to the MLP community.      
April 4, 2023 Settlement Agreement 

1995 MOA
2013 MOA

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October 27, 2021 Alternatives Letter

January 10, 2023 Board Chair Brown Financial Pro Forma
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