1. Who do I call in case of emergency?

For situations involving immediate danger of loss of life or injury: Call 911. For all other emergencies during regular business hours, please call the District Office at 970-349-7575. After hours, please call our on-call water operator at 970-209-5768 or our on-call waterwater operator at 970-319-2628.

2. Where are you located?

We are located at 100 Gothic Road, Mt Crested Butte, CO 81225.  Take the driveway on the right side of the “Welcome to Mt. Crested Butte” sign on the sweeping corner at the entrance to Mt CB.

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3. How can I pay my bill? Does the District accept credit cards?

We now accept credit cards thru Xpress Bill Pay for for User Fees (monthly bills) and Availability of Service Fees (quarterly bills) only. TAP FEES and TAP FEE APPLICATION FEES must be paid by check. For User Fees (monthly bills) and Availability of Service Fees (quarterly) we also accept cash, check or money order at the office.  There is also a drop box at the front office door at 100 Gothic.

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4. What are the codes on my bill?

*Monthly User Fee bills –
WA = Water, SW = Sewer
MS = Miscellaneous charge
NMF = New MXU/Meter Fee
PE = Penalty, 1% per month on unpaid balance
BA = Billing Adjustment
NSF = Non-Sufficient Funds

*Quarterly Availability bills –
AS = Water availability of service charge
SS = Sewer availability of service charge
BA = Billing Adjustment

*Meridian Lake Park only
WS = Water Surcharge
BA = Billing Adjustment

-- See Rates & Fees page for explanations

5. How do I change the name on an account?

Change of ownership. Before we can change the name on any account, we require either a Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed or another legal document.

6. Can an account be changed into a renter’s name?

The District does not allow anyone but the legal owners to change the billing address for water/sewer bills because unpaid charges have the potential to become a tax lien on the property owner. We strongly  recommend that landlords bill the charges to the renters as part of the rent. Delinquent bills become the owners responsibility.

7. I’m experiencing low or no water pressure, who should I call?

During 8 am – 5 pm, Monday - Friday, please call our District office at (970) 349-7575 to report any interruption in service. After hours, please call (970) 209-5768.

8. I’m having a sewer backup! What should I do?

Call a Plumber. 99% of all sewer backups are service line related and not the responsibility of the District. If a plumber determines the backup is caused by a blockage in the main line – contact our office immediately at (970) 349-7575 or (970) 319-2628 after hours.

10. A service technician just told me that our water or sewer service line is broken. Who’s responsible for the repair?

MCBWSD is responsible for only the main lines; the service line is the responsibility of the property owner. The service line does not end at the property line, asphalt edge, or sidewalk but extends to the connection with the main line within the street, right-of-way, or easement.